Cerney S.A.U.

Success story: Fribin. Turnkey steam

Last summer, Cerney successfully commissioned this steam facility at FRIBIN, the biggest player in Spain’s beef industry and also a leading producer of pork and processed products.

This new facility is part of the expansion being carried out by the company, the leader in the meat sector, in order to increase its production power and adapt to new market demands.

This is why facilities based on performance, durability, integrated technology and the latest designs, along with manufacture quality and guarantee, were required.

What does the installation consist of?

The installation consists of a thermal degasser and two C/M 8000/11 boilers with economisers and all the auxiliary equipment necessary to generate steam, all built entirely at our facilities in Saragossa.

Installation of the thermal deaereator

The thermal deaereator ensures work with excellent quality water that will, thanks to the gases dissolved in it, prevent any damage both in the boiler and throughout the plant, along with minimum expenditure in chemical treatment. Producing totally dry steam under a wide range of conditions is guaranteed with Cerney boilers, thanks to their large volume of water and their vaporising and heat exchange surfaces, all key factors to ensure moisture-free steam. Using bespoke economisers also allows us to adapt performance in line with the customer’s needs.

Other energy-saving measures were also included, such as a variable frequency drive and an oxygen sensor in the burner, heat recovery from continuously regulated purges, variable frequency drive in pumps, etc. These efficiency improvements allowed our customer to benefit from EU development aid and achieve future economic savings.

Engineering and assembly of the Boiler Room

The scope of the project included not only supplying the equipment, but also the engineering and assembly of the entire boiler room. Our experienced in-house personnel carried out the assembly and subsequent commissioning, under the instructions of our Engineering Department.

This is simply another example of a turnkey project for industry adapted to the customer’s needs, just like all other projects developed at Cerney.