Cerney S.A.U.

CERNEY designs and manufactures a thermal deaerator and condensate for the paper industry

Thermal deaerator is essential to remove dissolved oxygen and carbon dioxide from the boiler feedwater. Once these gases are removed, the risk of corrosion is reduced allowing the treated feedwater to enter the boiler.

CEY-DG thermal deaerator is spray type and is made by two parts. The upper one is where deaeration takes place. Lower one works as a deaerated water tank.

Knowing the volume and temperature of the condensates to be added to the Boiler supply water is essential to design this equipment.

The Upper body is composed by one area where deaeration takes place and one incondensable purging system.

The heat insulation has been carried out for both teams, as well as the assembly of the valves and instrumentation required by our client.

One of the singularities of this project is the high volume of storage of both equipments, but none of this can resist our team of engineers and technical specialists at CERNEY.

We congratulate and thank CERNEY team for making this new challenge possible. CERNEY always with availability, efficiency, flexibility, and sustainability as fundamental values.