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Steam boilers with burner

Steam boilers with burner

Cerney designs and manufactures industrial steam boilers that use gaseous or liquid fuels as the energy source.

Our boilers are designed with horizontal layout, with three gas flows and a fully water-cooled reversing chamber.

During the design phase, the goal is to facilitate maintenance tasks by incorporating the most modern systems for regulating, controlling and automating various operating parameters.

We manufacture double-fired boilers up to steam production over 50 t/h

We manufacture steam boilers with burner tailored to each customised situation. Contact us for information about your project.

Burner selection

The selected burner is coupled to the boiler’s front plate, generating a flame that is introduced in its firebox. The fireboxes are large but their thermal load is low, improving heat transmission, combustion and, in turn, producing lower gas emissions to the atmosphere.

Types of Cerney industrial steam boilers

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