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Hybrid water boilers

Hybrid superheated water boilers

CERNEY is the market leader when it comes to hybrid pyrotubular boilers. These boilers combine a source from gas heat recovery, along with another source from gaseous or liquid fuels.

They are notable for their versatility and efficiency, as they can adapt to various customer scenarios in order to optimise consumption and extend their operational capabilities.

We have the capacity to design and produce hybrid superheated water boilers in line with customer requirements, being absolute market leaders in this field.

We manufacture hybrid water boilers tailored to each customised situation. Contact us for information about your project.

Design of hybrid superheated water boilers

Design in the water zone is common, while the gas zone has four gas flows, three of them for the burner zone and one for the recovery zone.

Taking into account the wide range of boilers that we manufacture (both recovery and conventional), the design combinations that can be achieved are almost infinite.

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