Cerney S.A.U.

Electric industrial boiler for electricity generation plant in the Middle East

CERNEY successfully completes the design and manufacture of an electric industrial boiler to generate steam, produced at its facilities in Zaragoza and which will be installed in an electricity generation plant in the Middle East.

What does the installation consist of?

It is a completely tailor-made design project.

  • The supply will be completely assembled on a common structure, skid, which will serve as a bed frame for the equipment, pipes and electrical panels. The philosophy behind these skids is to deliver a fully assembled system, ready to plug-and-play.
  • Some of the equipment supplied, apart from the boiler, are thermal deaerator, blowdown tank, chemical dosing, feedwater pumps…
  • In this case, one of the special things of the project has been the addition of electric superheaters. Thanks to this equipment is possible to superheat the steam by increasing its temperature above saturation to almost 500ºC.
  • All our projects offer a challenge to our CERNEY team of specialist engineers and technicians. We don´t manufacture twice the same boiler.

We congratulate and thank CERNEY team for making this new challenge possible.

CERNEY always with availability, efficiency, flexibility, and sustainability as fundamental values.