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Industrial electric boilers

At CERNEY, we specialise in designing and manufacturing electric boilers to produce steam and to heat water. We offer individualised solutions for every customer, adapting to their actual needs.

We calculate, design, manufacture, install and commission our own boilers. We also have complementary equipment that, just like the boiler, is delivered fully assembled on a skid.

Types of Cerney electric industrial boilers

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Why is a Cerney electric boiler the best solution?

Cerney, fully aware of how the market is evolving, has been manufacturing electric boilers with heating element technology for many years.

One of the reasons that has most contributed to the rise in popularity of industrial electric boilers is the increase in electricity production, facilitated by the use of renewable energies such as solar or wind energy, resulting in a decrease in electricity prices.

Society is also increasingly aware of the need to reduce emissions. Using electric boilers removes the need for fossil fuels, thereby achieving the highest level of environmental sustainability.

We manufacture electric boilers tailored to each customised situation. Contact us for information about your project.

Advantages Cerney Industrial Electric Boilers

Our standardised electric boilers range from 130 kW to 3900 kW of thermal power, 13 barg design pressure. As we are specialists in the manufacture of customised equipment, we can also adapt our designs in line with customer requirements.

All electric boilers we manufacture are supplied fully assembled on a metal skid, and may include the equipment required for operation.

Since field assembly time and difficulties are kept to a minimum, our solution is extremely competitive, not only in terms of quality, but also in price.

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Types of industrial electric boilers

At CERNEY, we calculate, design, manufacture, install and commission our own boilers.

We also have complementary equipment such as purge tanks, water tanks, chemical dosing equipment and descalers, among others.

Contact us if you need more than just a boiler.

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