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What is a Reboiler?

Reboilers are specialized steam generation devices that operate by transferring heat from an auxiliary steam source and recovering condensate, which is reintroduced directly into the system.

How a Steam Reboiler Works in Detail

The body of the reboiler, in a horizontal configuration, houses a bundle of tubes through which steam from the auxiliary source flows. These tubes are specifically designed to operate under the required flow, pressure, and temperature conditions.

The tube bundle is entirely immersed in the recovered condensate, which absorbs the heat released by the auxiliary source to generate steam. This steam is stored in the device’s steam chamber for subsequent transfer to the process line.

Custom-Made Reboilers for Your Industrial Boilers

At Cerney, we specialize in manufacturing tailor-made reboilers perfectly suited to your equipment’s requirements. We offer top-notch quality, expert guidance, and ongoing maintenance services. Trust the experts in industrial boilers and get in touch with Cerney today.