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Boiler rooms

At CERNEY, we have been designing complete boiler rooms for more than 30 years, including not only boilers as the main element, but also other auxiliary equipment such as degassers, purge tanks, economisers, superheaters, etc.

Auxiliary boilers in combined cycles, district heating and co-generation plants are just some examples of the applications we typically work with.

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Auxiliary boilers in combined cycles

These plants require a steam system, consisting of one or several auxiliary steam boilers, usually superheated.

This steam is used for various functions, such as steam sealing systems for turbines, to heat other fluids or fuels, blow pipes, etc.

CERNEY is a prominent supplier and installer of auxiliary boilers and associated equipment, such as degasifiers, superheated steam attemperators, flues, etc., having been awarded and successfully completed contracts across Europe, America and Asia.

Our added value in these supplies comes from our experience in the field, and the fact that we have our own engineering, software and design team, capable of analysing and designing the right solution for each situation.

District Heating

Large heat production equipment performs better than smaller and individualised equipment. That is why installing central heat generation points for subsequent distribution through a network of pipes to the final consumption points is becoming increasingly common.

CERNEY has developed and supplied equipment for district heating, both to generate steam in industrial areas and superheated water for residential complexes.

Our experience in designing and manufacturing large pyrotubular equipment gives us significant added value, making us a very valid option in this type of projects.

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We manufacture boilers tailored to each customised situation. Contact us for information about your project.

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CERNEY’s participation in co-generation plants involves using and optimising thermal energy.

Starting from the gases emitted by engines and turbines, we design and manufacture the whole recovery area, including the complete rooms and/or the boilers.

We apply almost all our systems to convert this energy through the most common secondary fluids, such as steam, thermal oil and superheated water.

Industrial applications

CERNEY’s range of boilers can be extensively applied in the industrial sector, encompassing a wide range of production processes that rely on thermal energy. Our knowledge of the market and the experience gained after many years of work allow us to know the needs of our customers and, in most cases, the critical points of their processes, allowing us to offer them a solution tailored to their needs.

Our boilers are used mainly in the following sectors:


  • Food Industry
    • Canneries
    • Bottlers
    • Ready meals
    • Oils
    • Abattoirs
    • Alcoholic drinks companies
    • Breweries
    • Dairy companies
    • Wine cellars
    • Animal feed
  • Rubber industry


  • Waste recovery and recycling
  • Plastics
  • Laundry facilities
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Biofuel production
  • Chemicals
  • Paper and cardboard
  • Metal industry
  • Construction
    • Prefabricated concrete
    • Ceramics
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Contact us

You can write to us with any questions you may have, and we will be pleased to get back to you as soon as possible.