Cerney S.A.U.

Steam generation system for paper mill industry

A few weeks ago, CERNEY successfully completed the commissioning of a new steam plant in the south of Spain.

The customer need for steam generation

Our customer required a steam generation system that was highly reliable and could provide a quick response for the next scheduled turbine shutdown.

Steam system solution

The installation completed by CERNEY consists mainly of two CEY 17300/22 boilers with 28,000 kg/h of steam production each at a working pressure of 16 barg, two economizers, two gas burners, pumping units, flues, collector, purge tank, monitoring system according to TRD 604/24h and all auxiliary equipment for the correct operation of the boilers.

An external fumes recirculation system was also implemented, which, together with the use of Ultra-Low NOx burners, means the emissions values set out in new European regulations are easily met. Moreover, production capacities greater than nominal capacities and performance above 95% were achieved during the operational tests, significantly exceeding the guaranteed values.

These boilers are designed for a pressure of 22 barg. They are fitted with a single furnace, in line with the customer’s requirements, representing a challenge that very few can meet, given the combination of great powers, pressures and low emissions.

Installation and assembly

Apart from supplying the equipment described above, CERNEY BOILERS was in charge of assembling the unit at the plant, connecting it to the main steam line, and, naturally, commissioning. All this under the turnkey supply system.

These technical requirements allowed Cerney to overcome competition from leading European boiler manufacturers when awarding the project, demonstrating once again its high design, manufacturing and assembly capabilities and short turnaround times.