Cerney S.A.U.

High-performance steam boiler for the industrial sector

Since last summer 2019, Cerney started to work on the extension of the Adfors – Saint Gobain energy plant in the Spanish town of Miranda de Ebro. 

This company is a leader manufacturer of textile and coating materials in construction and industrial sectors.

Our client’s goal was to achieve a quality and reliable steam generation in the whole range of work, considering mainly a very important factor: performance and efficiency. This was the reason to trust on a leading supplier as Cerney.

Analysis of the situation

After analysing requirements of the plant, it was agreed to manufacture one boiler from our SB flame tube type with efficiencies above 95% related to LHV by adding an economizer sized according to feedwater temperature, and the target performance.

To achieve a high reliability, Cerney was selected because of its deep knowledge for the highest demanding requirements. This knowledge has been acquired during many years working in projects that European Engineering and EPC companies develop worldwide.

Looking for this liability, and taking into account that there was a possibility that feedwater could be cold and make damages to the economizer due to acid condensation of the flue gas, a 3-way valve was installed that could automatically bypass the water. It was also fitted with an automatic continuous blowdown and 24-hour indirect monitoring.

A Weishaupt low-emission steam boiler burner was selected as combustion equipment, including an O2 control system and one combustion air fan with speed motor controlled via frequency changer, achieving optimum combustion with minimum emissions.