Cerney S.A.U.

120 MW of thermal power for Poland

In 2015, CERNEY opened its new production facility in Zaragoza (Spain) with the production of four (4) twin-furnace firetube boilers for the production of superheated steam with a combined thermal power output of 120 MW.

Each twin furnace boiler, with 3 gas passes and thermal power output of 30 MW, is fitted with its own economizer and superheater to generate steam output of 41 Tn/hr.

Thus, once installed in a plant they will be able to supply to the process over 164 Tn/hr of superheated steam that can be regulated from 221 to 305oC

Special attention was paid in the design of the machines to reliability of operation and the reduction of CO and NOx emissions.

The scope of this turnkey project, or EPC (Engineering Procurement and Construction), also includes the supply of the rest of the back-up units for the boiler room to ensure the smooth running and operational performance of the facility. These include:

  • Pump modules to supply water to the boilers.
  • Thermal deaerator with a storage tank, capacity: 35 m3.
  • Chemical dosing for water treatment.
  • Purge cooling tank, capacity: 15 m3.
  • General steam manifold.
  • Stacks.
  • Set of conduits and connection tubes.

The manufacturing of the units was carried out completely in our new facility within the deadline set and in compliance with the strictest quality control measures in place, which has been a challenge to which CERNEY has risen in terms of design, manufacturing, handling and transportation to the site.

In addition, last January saw the commencement in Poland of the work assembly and installation of the machines in the plant. This process, together with the commissioning of the plant, training and testing, will go on until mid – 2017.

Projects such as this and the perfect completion thereof at every stage, are achievements that consolidate CERNEY as leading international player  in the design and production of large firetube boilers.