Cerney S.A.U.

Complete steam production system for Singapore

CERNEY is supplying SINGAPORE with a complete steam production system for a water treatment plant that uses heat hydrolysis.

The supply includes:

– Two CERNEY steam production Boilers model C/M 5000/13, fully equipped with valves and instrumentation and controlled by a series of Siemens PLC S-7 with software of our own design.

– Two burners and ramps designed to be able to burn Natural Gas or Biogas from the treatment of sludge produced in the plant, including a system to regulate the combustion using O2.

– A fully pre-assembled skid, to be delivered as a single unit, incorporating the auxiliary water treatment equipment, including:

  • Two water feeder pumps
  • A system for the modulation of the intake water using a frequency shifter
  • One Duplex water softener
  • One chemical dosing system
  • One water tank
  • One purging tank

– Two economizers (savers), fitted above the Boilers, to maximize efficiency and designed to be used when the boilers are operating with gas or with biogas.  

– Two Stacks.

– Structures, gangways and handrails.

As can be seen in the images, the units are pre-assembled and tested in our facilities in Zaragoza (Spain) and are then packed for shipment by sea before they are minimally disassembled as required. This pre-assembly helps to speed up the final assembly at the destination and minimize problems that might arise there, as problems of this kind tend to entail avoidable costs in terms of time and money. 

The advantages of individualized customization of projects are evident in examples such as these, in which the design of the machines in accordance with the specifications, regulations, and special requirements of international clients is essential, and in which CERNEY is able to demonstrate its capacity for adaptation and flexibility.