Cerney S.A.U.

Asme seals renewed

Once again, the “American Society of Mechanical Engineers” (ASME) has renewed the prestigious and rigorous “U” and “S” seals granted to CERNEY for the calculation, design and manufacturing of pressurised vessels and power boilers.

This authorization renews the certification obtained in 2012 for three more years and permits CERNEY to bid for projects at the highest level worldwide, further consolidating our commitment to continuous improvement of all our products, production processes, services and after-sales service for customer satisfaction.

Last October, the UK Inspector assigned to verify and check CERNEY’s compliance with the ASME code visited our production facilities in Zaragoza, (Spain).

During the visit, relations between the Technical, Production and Quality Departments were inspected and passed and the following points were also analysed in detail:

  • CERNEY’s ASME quality control system.
  • Consistency between calculations and machine blueprints.
  • Request, procurement, and receipt of materials, including traceability and certification thereof.
  • Welding procedures and welders’ qualifications.
  • Performance of a range of non-destructive tests and certification thereof.

Apart from the quality attested by the seal itself, the supply of a machine with the rigorous ASME seal requires that an inspector authorized by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers has first issued a positive assessment including checking “in situ” during the process of designing and manufacturing the machine that everything is done in compliance with the said code and with the specific quality control programme.

For CERNEY this is a key point which sets us apart from other manufacturers as being able to stamp the prestigious ASME seal on our products entails having many resources during the design and manufacturing phases that can guarantee the quality, durability and reliability of the machines when they are operated, all of which our highly discerning customers value and know how to appreciate.