Cerney S.A.U.

3 in 3 Double-furnace boilers

CERNEY is immersed in production of a new project that includes three 36 MW thermal power superheated water boilers, all under stringent technical requirements such as different work and temperature ranges and achieving NOx emissions below 60mg/Nm3. Among other equipment, this project also includes burners, economisers, a 15,000kg/h superheated steam boiler, a 12MW superheated water boiler and a range of auxiliaries.

This equipment will be used to update a District Heating system in Eastern Europe, with production envisaged to be complete by next spring.

CERNEY’s specialisation in this type of double-furnace high-production boilers has resulted in a wide range of similar projects over recent years.

The ability of CERNEY’s technical team to design boilers tailored to each customer’s actual needs while guaranteeing higher performance than our competitors makes us leaders in large thermal projects, prioritising energy efficiency and optimisation over reduced initial costs which ultimately result in low efficiency and problems in the future.

CERNEY, the boilers used by the most optimised industries.