Industrial heat exchangers manufacturers

Industrial heat exchangers

Heat exchanger manufacturers

At Cerney's our Heat Exchangers are specially constructed for applications where the intention is to recover the heat contained in exhaust gases such as those produced by alternate generator diesel or natural gas motors. They can withstand high temperatures and high pressure gas flows.

Our heat exchanger designs

Our heat exchanger designs are made to offer a choice of mounting position, either horizontal or vertical. 

The gas intake/outlet connections are adjustable and can be adapted to the specifications of each individual installation. The intake and outlet can be configured at a 90º angle or in a straight line, as required for each project.                 

They contain a multi-tubular firetube with pumped circulation through tubes flowing in opposite directions through the vessel. The multi-tubular bundle is in a straight line, with smooth tubes supported by plates. The cylindrical fins are equipped with specially-designed segmented deflectors and a dilation compensator in the main body, and the entire assembly has been designed to handle pulsating gas flows.

At Cerney we do not trust standardized designs but we adapt to each project and the needs of our clients to offer them the best service. Do not hesitate to contact us to know the budget and cost of our services