Boiler economizers

Boiler economizers

When fitted to a boiler, an economizer utilizes the combustion gases’ residual heat and transfers it to the water feeding the boiler, thus reducing fuel consumption and considerably enhancing efficiency.

An economizer is basically a gas-water heat exchanger, whose design takes account of the particular challenges of working with combustion gases and uses extended surfaces technology.

An economizer consists of two circuits:

Water Circuit:

This consists of a bundle of finned tubes joined by means of steel elbows welded to the pipes. The circuit is completed by two lateral collectors, one for the intake and distribution of the water and the other for the water outlet.

Gas Circuit:

This runs in the opposite direction to the water circuit and comprises a steel, sheet-metal housing and rolled metal profiles.

Boiler economizer design

At Cerney we design and manufacture economizers for industrial boilers. We design custom economizers for each project and plant needs to obtain the best result and performance. Contact us for more information