Complementary equipment

Complementary equipment

We have a wide range of COMPLEMENTARY EQUIPMENT to adapt your steam or superheated boiler or installation in line with needs.

Energy-saving equipment, such as industrial economizers or air preheaters, designed for your project in order to ensure maximum performance.

Superheaters, to raise steam temperature above its pressure temperature, either by exchanging combustion gases and steam or using electrical equipment.

Thermal deaerator, to eliminate the oxygen in the supply water and ensure optimal performance for the Boiler, eliminating the use of chemicals as much as possible.

Steam collectors, designed to receive and distribute the steam between the different consumption points.

Heat exchangers, to ensure thermal energy can be transferred as required.

Water treatment equipment, emissions monitoring centres, equipment for ongoing water quality assurance, etc.

At Cerney we will study your project and needs, and guide you through the best combination of equipment for a fully customised facility.