Skid-mounted modular boilers

CERNEY manufactures compact modular boiler systems which are interconnected and equips them with all of the fittings and instrumentation required to ensure the correct operation of your installation.

These modular boilers are assembled and pre-mounted containerized in our production plants and we can therefore ensure that each one of their units functions correctly, thus minimizing the time needed to set up the boiler on site.

Thermo-solar power stations

In these plants, a back-up steam supply is required, comprising one or more auxiliary steam boilers, usually of the super-heated type.

This steam is used for various purposes, such as the steam turbine sealing system, the heating of other fluids or fuels, the pumping of the steam tubes, etc.

Given the large scale of these solutions, CERNEY has developed a system for the preassembly of modules in our manufacturing facilities that greatly reduces the cost of installation at the final destination and provides a solution for the quick and easy integration of the modules at the destination plant, saving time and money and minimizing uncertainty.

In plants of this kind, CERNEY stands out as a supplier of auxiliary boilers and of all the complementary elements such as deaerators, super-heated steam temperature controllers, stacks, etc. and the installation of these systems, having won and executed contracts in Europe, North and South America and Asia.

Our added value in these supplies consists in our experience in this field and our own engineering, software development and design teams, who have the capability to analyse each project and produce the ideal solution for each situation.

Industrial water treatment plants

CERNEY manufactures complete modules with steam generation units for Waste Water Treatment Plants (WWTPs).

In these plants, CERNEY is a leading supplier of steam boiler module as well as all of the requisite complementary elements such as deaerators, water treatment equipment, tanks, stacks, etc.

At CERNEY we have also developed hybrid solutions that permit the recovery of gases from co-generation turbines for steam production.

Containerized boiler

At CERNEY we have developed complete containerized boiler rooms with units that have a steam production capacity of up to 2,000 Kg/h or 1.4 MW of heat installed inside standard 40’ High Cube containers, which makes them easy to transport and to install and connect at the destination site.