Boiler rooms

Auxiliary boilers in combined cycles

A steam system is required in these plants, comprising one or more auxiliary steam boilers, usually super-heated.

This steam is used for a variety of functions such as the steam turbine sealing system, the heating of other fluids or fuels, the tubing overlaps, etc.

In these plants, CERNEY stands out as a leading supplier of auxiliary boilers and of all of the complementary elements such as deaerators, superheated steam temperature controllers, stacks, etc., as well as the fitting and installation of these components, having won and executed many contracts in Europe, North and South America and Asia.

Our added value in these supplies consists in our experience in this field and our own engineering, software development and design teams, who have the capability to analyse each project and produce the ideal solution for each situation.

District Heating

Large-scale heat production plants have better yield than smaller, individual units. Hence it is increasingly common to install centralized heat generation facilities with subsequent heat distribution via a network of pipes to the end points of consumption.

CERNEY has produced and supplied District Heating systems for both steam generation in industrial areas and superheated water for residential complexes.

Our experience in the design and manufacturing of large firetube units means that we can provide great added value and positions us a very attractive option in projects of this type.


CERNEY’s participation in co-generation plants consists in the utilization and optimization of thermal power..

Exploiting the gases from motors, engines and turbines, we develop across the full range of heat recovery, planning entire rooms and/or carrying out the design and manufacturing of the boilers.

We apply virtually every system for the conversion of this energy using the most usual secondary fluids such as steam, heating oil and superheated water.

Industrial applications

The applications of the CERNEY range of boilers to the industrial sector are as numerous as the production processes that call for thermal energy. The knowledge of the market, and the experience acquired after many years of work, mean that we understand our customers’ needs and in most cases the critical points of their processes, so that we are able to offer them a solution that meets their needs.

The main users of our boilers are in the following sectors

  • Food Industry
    • Canning
    • Bottling
    • Pre-cooked foods
    • Oils
    • Slaughterhouses
    • Alcoholic spirits
    • Breweries
    • Dairy
    • Wineries
    • Livestock Feed
  • The Rubber Industry
  • Monetization of Waste and Recycling
  • Plastics
  • Laundries
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Bio-fuels production
  • Chemistry
  • Paper and Cardboard
  • The Metal Industry
  • Construction
    • Concrete prefabrication
    • Ceramics